Light Painting

Time has slipped past me, it’s been too long since I’ve posted.

I love light, playing with light and experimenting with light though too often I don’t show those results. Sometimes you think about a concept and then work it out in your head but then it takes awhile before you actually shoot it. Once you so the shoot sometimes you wait

Special lighting using only one light.

to release and other times you’reĀ busting at the seems to show it and other times it’s a process to figure how you want the final image to appear. This image is one of those shoots. We did this over a year ago but when it came to editing it, I’d start and stop numerous times. Always trashing and starting over. Today, I finally finished it. At first it seems to be a simple enough image but I can tell you that in reality this was a very complex shot. It is not a composite of any kind and it was shot with only one light. Photographer: Jim Tincher Assistant: Kimberly Wade Model: Gabi Wade

You can see this image along with many others on my website at

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