Jim Tincher Photography Senior Model Mikenna is featured on the Seniors Ignite website this month!

It has been a long time since I’ve entered into any photography competitions and I’m beyond excited that Mikenna from my Class of 2018 Senior Models was selected to be featured this month! Each month hundreds of photographers from across the country compete in challenges to push skill sets and try to see things in a new way for the chance of being featured on the Seniors Ignite website as a featured photographer.

Each year I select a new group of Senior Class Models from the local high schools in the surrounding area and the numbers will vary year to year. This year there are 10 (soon to be) high schools seniors who showed interest in my photography to represent Jim Tincher Photography throughout the year. During this coming year they will work with me on special projects, be featured in my marketing and will be taking part in destination shoots, fashion shoots and other special projects as they arise. I am so pumped to have this team of amazing girls.

This month’s challenge was to use “texture” as the photographic theme.

When I think of texture, I think of the physical things you touch, and when you touch how you feel the changes of those dimensions. The contours of a fabric, the crispness of a leaf or the prick of a needle. Your eyes confirm what your sense of touch tell you.

When I thought about this challenge I wanted it to be different from how I normally see texture.

I love the grace and beautiful movement of ballet dancers. I know their costumes have texture, but does their movement? If their movement is texture how do you show that texture of motion?

Using a mixture of lighting types I hope I’ve captured the beauty and the texture of a dancer in motion that eyes can never see….

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed creating them with Mikenna!


If you liked these images please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think of these images along with my take on “texture”.

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Thanks for stopping by…..


43f00f45-4a51-41f0-864a-1482cb5766e2 JimTincherPhotography4.png

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