National Donut Day

Last Friday June 2nd was “National Donut Day”! Yes there is such a thing, in fact there are two every year! This might be a cause for celebration!

The first Friday of every June is National Donut Day. This began in World War I by volunteers who wanted to deliver food to the soldiers on the front lines in France. More than 250 women were sent by the Salvation Army who would use the soldier’s steel helmets to fry the donuts. In 1938, the Salvation Army honored these “doughnut lassies” by recognizing an annual pastry holiday that could also raise awareness and funding for the Salvation Army’s charitable efforts.

The other National Donut Day is November 5th who’s origins can be found in the Ladies’ Home Journal from the 1930’s. If for some reason you happen to miss either of these days don’t worry too much because June 8th is National Jelly-Filled Donut Day, and National Cream-Filled Donut Day is September 14th! So mark those days on your calendar be prepared to celebrate your favorite donut!

In the meantime last Friday (June 2nd) Ashton, Hanna and Valorie volunteered for an impromptu photoshoot and to have a little fun celebrating National Donut Day, below are the images from that shoot!


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Project Beauty – Adyson

In her own words


True Beauty- True beauty is seeing the good in everything including yourself.

image_Adyson_jim tincher photography_project beauty_pictureHow did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

At first I was nervous about the blemishes and marks on my face being shown in the picture but towards the end I was comfortable with it.

Thinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

I felt more like myself, I was able to show my personality.

What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

I love that these girls were confident enough to do this and it makes me happy to see girls love themselves without makeup.

Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

I don’t wear makeup as much anymore, I don’t see the point in it now.


Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are! Just follow the link to find out more about Project Beauty and how you can take part in this!




Project Beauty – Autumn

In her own words


True Beauty- True Beauty to me, is someone who no matter their circumstances, is still good at heart. Someone who will give the clothes off their back to someone who has none. Life is too short to not do good deeds for people. My great grandmother always told me “pretty is, what pretty does.” I’m a firm believer in that quote. You can be absolutely gorgeous, but if you only care about yourself, your physical beautiful seems to be overlooked by others.

image_Autumn_jim tincher photography_project beauty_pictureHow did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

When I first found out about the no makeup shoot, I got a little nervous to be honest, because I usually have to wear lots of makeup for pageant headshots etc. Once I found out the meaning behind this shoot, I was all in for the natural look of this. It felt great to just show the world the real me.

Thinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

My session meant a lot to me. After seeing a few unedited pictures on the camera, I realized that true beauty from inside really shines through, everyone has qualities that make them beautiful. I think my shoot really showed my true character, and I couldn’t be more happy about that.

What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

I feel Project Beauty was very necessary in this generation. Sooo many pictures are photoshopped, people are getting so many cosmetic procedures, everything in 2017 is based on how you look, and it leads to lots of pressure for teens. It’s such a great way to embrace natural beauty and show people who struggle with self image, it’s okay to be yourself.

Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

Yes, it has, After this shoot I felt very courageous for going out with crazy wavy hair, and no makeup, since lots of people nowadays would feel exposed if they did what I did. I learned that it is totally Okay to be yourself.

Testimonial. Could you share your testimony?

Growing up, I was severely bullied, I was taunted, my social media was hacked by “friends”, and I ate alone at the lunch table many times throughout my middle school years. I struggled so much with my image, and I eventually led into depression. Finally after having horrible middle school experiences, my mother moved me to a different school. Ever since I switched, I’ve been a happier person, being in a positive environment, has really helped me, I do not sit alone at the lunch table, I have friends, and I have a great role on our volleyball team. I learned that YOU are not the problem, it’s the people who make you feel down, who are the problem.


Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are! Just follow the link to find out more about Project Beauty and how you can take part in this!



Project Beauty

Something needs to change

As a senior photographer and as part of a national campaign, I want to free girls from the thought of perfection. The notion of the perfect beauty promoted by social media and our society is impossible to achieve. Over the next few weeks, my Senior Model Team will help lead a local campaign that will help raise awareness and donations for bullying, hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, eating disorders and other problems girls face today. In their own genuine way, in their own confidence, they will define what beauty truly means to each of them, without the need of makeup and without today’s fashion.

This is #ProjectBeauty2017

Project Beauty 36
Lead by my Senior Model Team and a few others, a total of 17 girls helped to lay the foundation of this project. They all have their own personal stories to share. My goal was to portray these amazing girls in an entirely new way, to get as close as possible to them — and to capture their uniquely beautiful self.

image_Group_project beauty_jim tincher photography_high school seniors_frankfor ky_lexington ky_louisville ky_cincinatti oh_charleston sc_pensacola fl_destin fl_destination senior shoots
Project Beauty is a no makeup, no retouching shoot designed to show what “true beauty” really is. This is one of the most inspiring and powerful shoots I recall doing. .
I am excited to share with you everyone’s images that were involved in getting this started. I’ll be sharing what their definitions of “True Beauty” means to them. .
If you are a high school girl that wants to be involved in the next Project Beauty shoot, to share in this amazing experience and at the same time help raise money for us to donate to a local charity that deals with depression, eating disorders, suicide and low self worth, this is your chance.
1. Follow me on INSTAGRAM @jimtincherphoto
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3. Share this post and make sure to tag me so I can see it was reposted!

There will be a reveal Monday August 14th (stay tuned for the location announcement) where you can come see all the images we captured and to learn more about Project Beauty. If you’d like to schedule your own Project Beauty shoot in order to help this worthwhile project you can do at Project Beauty.

All proceeds go to a local charity my Senior Model team has selected.




Jim Tincher Photography Senior Model Miranda is featured on the Seniors Ignite website this month!

It feels so good to have my Architecture shoot with Miranda featured once again on the Seniors Ignite website! The challenge was to integrate architecture into the shoot. I thought about it long and hard and decided I wanted something iconic. Bridges are often that “iconic” structure such as London Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge… Truth is, we have a historical and iconic bridge right here in Kentucky that was the inspiration for the well known Brooklyn Bridge.

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, named for the civil engineer who designed it, has been an iconic Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky suspension bridge along the city skyline for nearly a century and a half. When the Roebling Suspension Bridge opened to traffic on January 1, 1867, its 1,057-foot span made it the longest suspension bridge in the world, a record it retained until 1883 when Roebling’s most famous project, the Brooklyn Bridge opened. During this shoot the famous lights that span the wires were not operating due to maintenance.

The Great American Ball Park is another iconic structure near the foot of the John Roebling Suspension Bridge. Many of Reds fans walked across the bridge to the ball park to see the Reds play a night game. We were fortunate enough during this shoot for the Cincinnati Reds to be playing at home, which in addition to the tug boats and other city lights on the Ohio provided the ambient background lighting.

I hope you enjoy the images of Miranda as much as I did in taking them….



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Jim Tincher Photography Senior Model Mikenna is featured on the Seniors Ignite website this month!

It has been a long time since I’ve entered into any photography competitions and I’m beyond excited that Mikenna from my Class of 2018 Senior Models was selected to be featured this month! Each month hundreds of photographers from across the country compete in challenges to push skill sets and try to see things in a new way for the chance of being featured on the Seniors Ignite website as a featured photographer.

Each year I select a new group of Senior Class Models from the local high schools in the surrounding area and the numbers will vary year to year. This year there are 10 (soon to be) high schools seniors who showed interest in my photography to represent Jim Tincher Photography throughout the year. During this coming year they will work with me on special projects, be featured in my marketing and will be taking part in destination shoots, fashion shoots and other special projects as they arise. I am so pumped to have this team of amazing girls.

This month’s challenge was to use “texture” as the photographic theme.

When I think of texture, I think of the physical things you touch, and when you touch how you feel the changes of those dimensions. The contours of a fabric, the crispness of a leaf or the prick of a needle. Your eyes confirm what your sense of touch tell you.

When I thought about this challenge I wanted it to be different from how I normally see texture.

I love the grace and beautiful movement of ballet dancers. I know their costumes have texture, but does their movement? If their movement is texture how do you show that texture of motion?

Using a mixture of lighting types I hope I’ve captured the beauty and the texture of a dancer in motion that eyes can never see….

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed creating them with Mikenna!


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