When A Community Comes Together…

Q. What happens when cross town high school rivals come together to raise funds for a family in need?

A. Somebody gets a pie in the face!

On Aug. 10, Bradley Camic, a 16-year-old junior at Frankfort High School, had a seizure at soccer practice. Camic was later diagnosed with encephalitis — an inflammation of the brain, caused by infection or an allergic reaction. He has since been put in a medically induced coma at UK hospital so his brain can completely rest giving it time to heal.

After the game mid-field prayer for Bradley and his family.

After the game mid-field prayer for Bradley and his family.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pleasantly amazed at how a community has come together to help this family.

What has had a bigger impact on me though is seeing how the student bodies of all three Frankfort High Schools have come together at each sporting event to offer prayers and support of a fellow student.

Beginning Thursday (August 27, 2015) over a 24 hour period the students of Franklin County High School and Western Hills High School raised over $9000.00 in support of Bradley and his family. To this there was a friendly competition between the two schools. The looser, well… that school’s principal would get a pie in the face.

Franklin County High School's principal Buddy Sampson after receiving his pie.

Franklin County High School’s principal Buddy Sampson after receiving his pie.

During half time at mid field the fund raising winner was announced. Buddy Sampson, the principal of Franklin County made the comment after receiving his pie, “that was the most gentle pie in the face I’ve every had”.

It’s a small world after all!

Prayers continue to go out for Bradley and his family.