Truly Brave…..

Back in September 2014 I created my first blog post, this was before I created my WordPress site. I wasn’t really happy with how the blog appeared so I moved my blog here and hid that original post. This morning I decided to share that original blog post here. It may be a little long, but I hope you take the time on this snowy day and enjoy!

September 25, 2014

I’ve been wanting to begin my photography blog for quite some time now but I was struggling with writing the first one. What should be the first topic and what angle should I approach it from? This morning it became quite clear what this first blog should be, and it’s not about photography.

I caught the video below being aired this morning on NBC’s Today Show before I left for work. It appears to be an effort made by one of the hosts Hoda Kotb (I don’t watch morning news shows so I’m not sure who she is). There are four things I liked about this video. The first reason stands alone by it’s self and I don’t want to take away from it because without it I would not be able to discuss the following parts which are my thoughts about the music and the performers. It goes without saying that the children in the video are simply amazing!

1. The reason for making it the video in the first place is to bring awareness to childhood cancers. As a parent one of my most secret fears is the health of our children before, during and after they are born. We wonder as they grow who and what they will become as they progress through life. But unfortunately there are too many children who’s lives are diverted from that natural wonder and are directed into struggles for life its self.

About the music.

2. Blended songs seldom work well, but this one did and I happen to like both of the songs. They have blended Cyndi’s True Colors (I remember seeing that aired in the 80’s on a Patti Labelle Christmas Special) and Sara’s Brave. A song that I think will become an iconic song on it’s own.

3. I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert at the Virgina Beach Ampitheater when we lived in Chesapeake, VA during the 1990’s. She was the warmup artist for Tina Turner (what a show!). Cyndi was pregnant at the time and she performed while sitting on a stool. Cyndi was amazing. Yes there were thousands of people there but in truth, the way she performed and spoke, it was as if it was just me and her sitting in a room together…. and she played for me!

4. Sara Bareilles, simply put I like her stuff. Truly one of the few gifted and talented singer/songwriter’s of today. There just aren’t very many of these type of artist these days. It’s sad, as songwriters tell stories, and there just isn’t enough story telling anymore.

I think it is wonderful that these two amazing artist have teamed up with Hoda to bring awareness and to help raise money for not only these children, but for those who are yet to come. It is hoped that with research this can become something in the past.

If you can I urge you to help and to donate to any of the many centers that offer treatment and research for childhood cancers. There’s probably one near where you live. Take a moment to find one.

On another note, as you’ll see in the video, the kids are happy. That’s because Happiness is a choice no matter what we may face!

You can help by going here if you want to give directly to the effort Hoda has started.;

Beauty is more than skin deep……

Sometime back in the fall maybe Oct or Nov I met this Gracie, Gracie K… who is best friends with another Gracie, Gracie S. I don’t remember the exact date in Oct of 2014 I received a call from Gracie S, who’s image you’ve seen by now. Gracie S. was down in the dumps because of a tragedy that had occurred and she wanted to do a shoot, something special for Gracie K. Well, as you know by now I love working with Gracie S so it didn’t take much of an excuse for me to want to hear more. When she told me that the week earlier Gracie K’s mom has passed suddenly, I knew whatever we did, it needed to be something special and I was fully on board.

Portrait of Gracie K taken during the first of two sessions. This was her fist time in front of the camera in a studio session such as this. Seeing the image you see one type of beauty. But seeing and knowing Gracie K you’ll know that beauty is greater than skin deep.

So we set up a board on Pinterest and started loading up the ideas for the shoot. I have to admit though, it was Gracie that was coming up with the ideas and that she was really the one filling up our board. Frankly I loved her idea(s), they were fun, this was going to be an amazing shoot! We actually did this shoot over two sessions several weeks apart.

You don’t get to see those images just yet. Well, except for the portrait of Gracie K that is. The other images from the shoot will be available soon though. I’m hoping some of them will be published in the near future.

  • Photographer: Jim Tincher
  • Hair & Styling: Lauren Allen
  • Makeup: Trish Allen
  • Model: Gracie Kirn

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to not only meet Gracie K but I got to know her. I feel just a little richer having done so.

If asked to give a description, all I can say is that Gracie K is an amazing person and that she demonstrates clearly that beauty can be greater than skin deep.