Thirteen is your Lucky Number!

It’s always exciting news when you find out a magazine has notified you that one of your images is being considered as a cover image for the next edition. It’s even more exciting when you find out there are only seven images (out of thousands) being considered and two of them are yours!!!

As it would turn out we didn’t get the cover, but I’m still happy and delighted not only for myself but also for Aubrey and MacKinley, that their images were in contention for the cover of the Spring edition of Teen Years Magazine!

Fast forward to this past Friday when I received my digital copy only to discover to my surprise that thirteen of my images are in the Spring edition! Thank you so much Teen Years Magazine for the features of my Class of 2024 Senior Model Team!

A big “shout out” to these amazing girls! Congratulations goes to Aubrey pages 27 & 54, MacKinley page 37, Riley pages 38 & 106, Chloe page 63, Trinity page 66, Madison pages 69 & 70 (her own spread), Talley page 75, Deanna page 93, Annabel page 99 and Elana page 113! Way to go girls!!!

It’s been a minute…


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What’s better than wrapping up your high school years than a photo shoot with your BFF’s? For her last shoot Senior Model Hope said she wanted to do a photo shoot with her two BFF’s…  When Hope and her friends … Continue reading