Submission for “The 12”

On Monday I shared with you that my submission of Jaryn had made it to the finalist round to be considered for “The 12”. This national competition has more to do with the telling of Jaryn’s story than it does with me. Everybody has a story to tell about their life, where it’s been, where it is and where it’s going. When I decided earlier this year that I wanted my photography to include Seniors I knew that I had to tell “their” story.

Earlier this year I went to Chicago to photograph several of the current “12”. I have shared some of those images on my Instagram and Twitter page but not on my web site, Facebook Page or here. Over the next several days I will begin to share some of those images. But tonight I’ll begin with the “comp card” of Jaryn. All together there were about 15 images that I had submitted for her competition.

Jim Tincher - The 12 - Jaryn Noble - Comp Card

SEEN Magazine features a group of 12 high school seniors who are selected twice a year through a national submission and selection process with We Are The SEEN. The focus is on individualism, undiscovered talent and originality.

SEEN Magazine offers these unique individuals a platform to share their vision and their story with a broader audience. The magazine features up-and-coming photographers, style and culture, and selected brand collaborations.

SEEN Magazine has always been inspired by the idea that paving your own path opens up endless possibilities.

SEEN Magazine is unapologetic about following your own path, and believes that authenticity, originality and adventure should be celebrated. Much like the people they feature in the magazine.

The 12 Competition

I’m so stoked to have been selected as a finalist for “The 12”!!!
Senior photography at it’s finest!!!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am at this very moment. Just a little while ago I received word that the Senior Session I had submitted for “The 12 Competition” has

Select images from Jaryn's Senior Session.

Select images from Jaryn’s Senior Session.

been selected as a finalist in a National Competition!

Even if it goes no further than this and we don’t make it as part of “The 12” I consider it to be an accomplishment as this is my first year of having delved into Senior Photography.

You can see who the other finalist are at;

These next seven days will probably go by very slow…. fingers crossed.


You can see some of these images at