Jim Tincher Photography Senior Model Mikenna is featured on the Seniors Ignite website this month!

It has been a long time since I’ve entered into any photography competitions and I’m beyond excited that Mikenna from my Class of 2018 Senior Models was selected to be featured this month! Each month hundreds of photographers from across the country compete in challenges to push skill sets and try to see things in a new way for the chance of being featured on the Seniors Ignite website as a featured photographer.

Each year I select a new group of Senior Class Models from the local high schools in the surrounding area and the numbers will vary year to year. This year there are 10 (soon to be) high schools seniors who showed interest in my photography to represent Jim Tincher Photography throughout the year. During this coming year they will work with me on special projects, be featured in my marketing and will be taking part in destination shoots, fashion shoots and other special projects as they arise. I am so pumped to have this team of amazing girls.

This month’s challenge was to use “texture” as the photographic theme.

When I think of texture, I think of the physical things you touch, and when you touch how you feel the changes of those dimensions. The contours of a fabric, the crispness of a leaf or the prick of a needle. Your eyes confirm what your sense of touch tell you.

When I thought about this challenge I wanted it to be different from how I normally see texture.

I love the grace and beautiful movement of ballet dancers. I know their costumes have texture, but does their movement? If their movement is texture how do you show that texture of motion?

Using a mixture of lighting types I hope I’ve captured the beauty and the texture of a dancer in motion that eyes can never see….

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed creating them with Mikenna!


If you liked these images please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think of these images along with my take on “texture”.

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Valentines 2017

How did I ever miss putting these images up during Valentines?

This was such a fun shoot with the incoming Class of 2018 Senior Models Caelin, Cora, Emily, Miranda and Shelby… lot’s more of them coming to you this year!


image_jim tincher photography_valentines_senior model_high school seniors_frankfort_lexington_louisville_corbin_versailles_winchester_richmond_shelbyville (4).jpg

Caelin – Franklin County HS


image_jim tincher photography_valentines_senior model_high school seniors_frankfort_lexington_louisville_corbin_versailles_winchester_richmond_shelbyville (5).jpg

Emily – Western Hills HS


image_jim tincher photography_valentines_senior model_high school seniors_frankfort_lexington_louisville_corbin_versailles_winchester_richmond_shelbyville (7).jpg

Samantha – Henry Clay HS


image_jim tincher photography_valentines_senior model_high school seniors_frankfort_lexington_louisville_corbin_versailles_winchester_richmond_shelbyville.jpg

Miranda – Franklin County HS

image_jim tincher photography_valentines_senior model_high school seniors_frankfort_lexington_louisville_corbin_versailles_winchester_richmond_shelbyville (3).jpg

Cora – Corbin HS

1950’s Fashion Extravaganza!

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a promotional photo shoot for the “1950’s Fashion Extravaganza” being held at the Kentucky Theatre in early August. The show’s purpose is to raise funds benefiting The Ingenue Club Aspiring Arts Scholarship Program, more information can be found at http://lexingenia.com/

An interesting note is that the day of the shoot happened to be the 2nd anniversary of having done another promotional shoot with Soreyda as the designer both times and each shoot being held at the Kentucky Theartre!

The fashion show will be 6:30 PM August 4th at the Kentucky Theatre in downtown Lexington featuring fashions by Soreyda Benedit and Elizabeth Galacia.

Photographer: Jim Tincher
Designer: Soreyda Benedit-Begley
Designer Assistant: Brent Brashear
Makeup: Lyx Beauty
Jewelry: Jeuarlet McClanahan
Model: Chrys Zsyle Colacion
Graphic Design: Camilo Rey
Location: Kentucky Theatre

Please visit my web site https://www.jimtincher.com

picture_soreyda_kentucky theatre_jim tincher photography_image_fashion_designer_model_ingenia club_lexington ky_frankfort ky_louisville ky

Image taken in the foyer of The Kentucky Theatre.


Promotional poster for the 1950’s Fashion Extravaganza Fashion Show


Behind the scenes image taken in the foyer of The Kentucky Theatre. Model Chrys Colocion and photographer Jim Tincher.

The 12 Competition

I’m so stoked to have been selected as a finalist for “The 12”!!!
Senior photography at it’s finest!!!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am at this very moment. Just a little while ago I received word that the Senior Session I had submitted for “The 12 Competition” has

Select images from Jaryn's Senior Session.

Select images from Jaryn’s Senior Session.

been selected as a finalist in a National Competition!

Even if it goes no further than this and we don’t make it as part of “The 12” I consider it to be an accomplishment as this is my first year of having delved into Senior Photography.

You can see who the other finalist are at;

These next seven days will probably go by very slow…. fingers crossed.


You can see some of these images at http://www.jimtincher.com

When A Community Comes Together…

Q. What happens when cross town high school rivals come together to raise funds for a family in need?

A. Somebody gets a pie in the face!

On Aug. 10, Bradley Camic, a 16-year-old junior at Frankfort High School, had a seizure at soccer practice. Camic was later diagnosed with encephalitis — an inflammation of the brain, caused by infection or an allergic reaction. He has since been put in a medically induced coma at UK hospital so his brain can completely rest giving it time to heal.

After the game mid-field prayer for Bradley and his family.

After the game mid-field prayer for Bradley and his family.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pleasantly amazed at how a community has come together to help this family.

What has had a bigger impact on me though is seeing how the student bodies of all three Frankfort High Schools have come together at each sporting event to offer prayers and support of a fellow student.

Beginning Thursday (August 27, 2015) over a 24 hour period the students of Franklin County High School and Western Hills High School raised over $9000.00 in support of Bradley and his family. To this there was a friendly competition between the two schools. The looser, well… that school’s principal would get a pie in the face.

Franklin County High School's principal Buddy Sampson after receiving his pie.

Franklin County High School’s principal Buddy Sampson after receiving his pie.

During half time at mid field the fund raising winner was announced. Buddy Sampson, the principal of Franklin County made the comment after receiving his pie, “that was the most gentle pie in the face I’ve every had”.

It’s a small world after all!

Prayers continue to go out for Bradley and his family.


How Time Flies…..

I can’t believe how quickly time flies. It feels like yesterday it was November and I had just completed my Hollywood Glamour shoot with Megan. Not the “new glamour” but

Just one of many images from our shoot in November 2014.

the old Hollywood Glamour, Film Noir, classic, beauty…. I absolutely love working with her.

There were so many great images from that shoot but here are just a few of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Killing it in Atlanta

I was so happy when Montana called me about taking her head shots for the Miss American Clogger Pageant in Atlanta. The last time I had seen her was during the “Spirit of The Derby” shoot with Fox56 back in April. Unfortunately then we didn’t get to do much shooting due to time constraints.

Fast forward to June 18th which is when we had our session. I couldn’t wait for our shoot to start. We shot about five different looks and I was feeling really good about the images we ended up with that night.

Select image from my shoot with Montana before her competition in Atlanta Ga July 17 & 18, 2015.

Fast forward to her competition this past weekend. I knew Montana was good, but wow! She absolutely killed it in Atlanta July 17 & 18!

Congratulations Montana​ on winning;

Senior Miss American Clogger
Senior Photogenic
Senior Talent Costume
Senior Costume
and the overall evening gown award in Atlanta!

Job well done Montana!

You can see this and more images of Montana from our shoot at http://www.jimtincher.com

Truly Brave…..

Back in September 2014 I created my first blog post, this was before I created my WordPress site. I wasn’t really happy with how the blog appeared so I moved my blog here and hid that original post. This morning I decided to share that original blog post here. It may be a little long, but I hope you take the time on this snowy day and enjoy!

September 25, 2014

I’ve been wanting to begin my photography blog for quite some time now but I was struggling with writing the first one. What should be the first topic and what angle should I approach it from? This morning it became quite clear what this first blog should be, and it’s not about photography.

I caught the video below being aired this morning on NBC’s Today Show before I left for work. It appears to be an effort made by one of the hosts Hoda Kotb (I don’t watch morning news shows so I’m not sure who she is). There are four things I liked about this video. The first reason stands alone by it’s self and I don’t want to take away from it because without it I would not be able to discuss the following parts which are my thoughts about the music and the performers. It goes without saying that the children in the video are simply amazing!

1. The reason for making it the video in the first place is to bring awareness to childhood cancers. As a parent one of my most secret fears is the health of our children before, during and after they are born. We wonder as they grow who and what they will become as they progress through life. But unfortunately there are too many children who’s lives are diverted from that natural wonder and are directed into struggles for life its self.

About the music.

2. Blended songs seldom work well, but this one did and I happen to like both of the songs. They have blended Cyndi’s True Colors (I remember seeing that aired in the 80’s on a Patti Labelle Christmas Special) and Sara’s Brave. A song that I think will become an iconic song on it’s own.

3. I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert at the Virgina Beach Ampitheater when we lived in Chesapeake, VA during the 1990’s. She was the warmup artist for Tina Turner (what a show!). Cyndi was pregnant at the time and she performed while sitting on a stool. Cyndi was amazing. Yes there were thousands of people there but in truth, the way she performed and spoke, it was as if it was just me and her sitting in a room together…. and she played for me!

4. Sara Bareilles, simply put I like her stuff. Truly one of the few gifted and talented singer/songwriter’s of today. There just aren’t very many of these type of artist these days. It’s sad, as songwriters tell stories, and there just isn’t enough story telling anymore.

I think it is wonderful that these two amazing artist have teamed up with Hoda to bring awareness and to help raise money for not only these children, but for those who are yet to come. It is hoped that with research this can become something in the past.

If you can I urge you to help and to donate to any of the many centers that offer treatment and research for childhood cancers. There’s probably one near where you live. Take a moment to find one.

On another note, as you’ll see in the video, the kids are happy. That’s because Happiness is a choice no matter what we may face!

You can help by going here if you want to give directly to the effort Hoda has started.;

Out with the old and in with the new! Or Happy New Year! Or….

Out with the old and in with the new!

….but before I say that, I want to take a moment and thank everyone that has liked my page, made comments or helped and worked with me this past year. Today we are reaching the last of the year, in what was a year of many firsts.

There have been so many people I’ve worked with this year. The number of those that have been a part of what I’ve done is not only numerous but I’d be afraid of posting names in fear of omitting someone.

This year I’ve shot

  • numerous editorials
  • model portfolio’s
  • seniors
  • stuff for fun
  • beauty queens
  • special projects
  • pageants
  • runway
  • and all sorts of other things in a never ending list.

None of which could have been done without the numerous models, stylist, designers, hair and makeup artist all putting their touch on what I’ve worked hard to do. I want to thank each and everyone that has been apart of this, for their camaraderie, creative genius and friendship.

I want to thank each of YOU for having made 2014 a very special year.

And welcome 2015!

Out with the old and in with the NEW!