How Time Flies…..

I can’t believe how quickly time flies. It feels like yesterday it was November and I had just completed my Hollywood Glamour shoot with Megan. Not the “new glamour” but

Just one of many images from our shoot in November 2014.

the old Hollywood Glamour, Film Noir, classic, beauty…. I absolutely love working with her.

There were so many great images from that shoot but here are just a few of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Behind The Scenes

via Jim Tincher Photography.

Just a little behind the scenes image from today’s photo shoot taken by my stylist Lauren. I can’t wait to dive into the images from today. This is a shoot I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time and it finally came together today in a rather sudden way.


As with any shoot it is a team effort!

  • Photographer: Jim Tincher
  • Hair: Ainslie Walton
  • Makeup: Trish Allen
  • Stylist: Lauren Allen
  • Model: Megan Martin

Thanks for stopping by! Soon you’ll see results from today’s shoot at where you can also see images from previous shoots.

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I Love Fashion Shows

There’s just something about being at a fashion show and shooting the runway that I just love. Is it the fashion? Is it the models? Is it the art? How about the glamour? What about the excitement and anticipation that is the event itself? Fashion shows could be described “fashion as art”. That’s really what some fashions are at these shows, wearable art! Needless to say I have been amazed at some of the creations I see at these events by designers in our local area.

Maddie Greene on the runway at the Kentucky Crusade for Deaf Children (KCDC) Fashion Show Inaugural Event on October 18, 2014 at the EKU Center for the Arts. A complete gallery of this fashion show is available at

Around here though fashion shows are a little more than a show. Most of the events I’ve been to are also charity events. These shows/events not only raise money for local charities they also help bring awareness to issues in our own back yard! So often we are removed from the needs of others, but these local fashion shows help to bring it home, to open our eyes to struggles we may read about but that we never see or do anything about.

Case in point. Recently I had the opportunity to shoot the runway for an event called “Kentucky Crusade for Deaf Children”. This was the inaugural event of what I hope to be a long running fashion show, and that I am anxious be a part of again.

The Kentucky Crusade for Deaf Children (KCDC) is a non-profit organization founded by Maddie Greene (MISS Madison County 2014) and Sal Olivet. The KCDC provides resources, programs, support and information to families with deaf and hard of hearing children.

I’ve come to know Maddie as a warm and caring person that is directly affected by this issue. At age fourteen she was diagnosed with 45% hearing loss due to nerve damage. But that did not stop her, she now has hearing aides and at age sixteen is a full time student (freshman) at EKU! I find her to be a remarkable young woman and someone that I am proud to call a friend.

You can see more images from the KCDC Fashion show at

You can read, find out more or get involved at Kentucky Crusade for Deaf Children.