Project Beauty – Emma

In her own words

True Beauty- Your beauty comes from your personality. It’s who you are and everything you love. Not your appearance.


How did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

Not wearing makeup made me feel more free and more like myself.

image_Emma_jim tincher photography_project beauty_picture

Thinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

I got to show my personality without anyone expecting me to be something else, or to have a specific look that society praises.

What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

Personally, I love it! I think it’s something that show girls they are beautiful without makeup and starts a conversation about inner beauty and certain illnesses that aren’t usually talked about.

Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

Yes. I see that I don’t need to have a certain “look”

Testimonial. Could you share your testimonial?

I have struggled with body image before, along with most girls. I also have invisible illnesses that most people don’t understand. It was great to find out I’m not alone and that people can help and learn to understand and even relate to me.

Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are!


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