Project Beauty – Natasha

In her own words


True Beauty- is something that people don’t realize they already have!


How did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

Not wearing makeup made me very self-conscious because I have always been in an environment that girls or guys look weird without makeup. To me makeup is like a shield to guard from not only judgement but from my own self criticism.

image_Natasha_jim tincher photography_project beauty_picture

Thinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

This session meant a lot to me because it showed me that I’m not that ugly girl anymore but I’m a beautiful girl who should give less crap about what she looks like. As long as I know deep down I’m beautiful I feel like everything is going to be alright.


What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

Project beauty is an amazing thing to me.  Not only does it show the model that they are truly beautiful it shows to other girls to get out of their comfort zones and show everyone no matter what they wear or look like they are the true definition of beauty.


Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

This experience greatly changed the way I see myself. I am no longer scared to run outside without makeup. If I ever have doubts, I think of the photos I took and remind myself that I am truly beautiful no matter who else says differently.


Testimonial. Could you share your testimony?

I feel like I could share my testimonial to other  girls and guys since I know I’m not the only person who has felt this way before. And if I ever got the chance again to share my story, I would hope that it would truly change the way they feel about themselves because in my eyes they are beautiful.

Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are! Just follow the link to find out more about Project Beauty and how you can take part in this!



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