Project Beauty – Noelle

In her own words


True Beauty- True beauty is the beauty you radiate with out the distractions of hair and makeup products and expensive clothes. It’s the physically unalterable charm you show through your confidence and your unwavering kindness to others. Knowing that you are beautiful and appreciating everyone’s different beauty, shows true beauty.


How did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

Being without makeup is a freeing feeling.  Even though I have to admit I was a little nervous to see the images for the first time.


image_Noelle_jim tincher photography_project beauty_pictureThinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

This session showed me that I am enough and helped my confidence. It built friendships and a sense of comfort in my own skin.


What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

I hope project beauty helps girls see that what we all know is “normal” is beautiful.  I hope all realize  we are more critical of ourselves than everyone else. When I look at others’ images. I see their true beauty and hope they see the same in me.


Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

Yes, it has helped me see that I don’t have to be filtered or airbrushed to be beautiful!


Testimonial. Could you share your testimony?

In my picture you may be able to see a small, light birthmark on my cheek. I’m named after my grandmother and we have exactly the same mark. My mother has always told me it is a beauty mark. I think it’s a cool mark that will always identify me with my Nana.


Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are! Just follow the link to find out more about Project Beauty and how you can take part in this!



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