National Donut Day

Last Friday June 2nd was “National Donut Day”! Yes there is such a thing, in fact there are two every year! This might be a cause for celebration!

The first Friday of every June is National Donut Day. This began in World War I by volunteers who wanted to deliver food to the soldiers on the front lines in France. More than 250 women were sent by the Salvation Army who would use the soldier’s steel helmets to fry the donuts. In 1938, the Salvation Army honored these “doughnut lassies” by recognizing an annual pastry holiday that could also raise awareness and funding for the Salvation Army’s charitable efforts.

The other National Donut Day is November 5th who’s origins can be found in the Ladies’ Home Journal from the 1930’s. If for some reason you happen to miss either of these days don’t worry too much because June 8th is National Jelly-Filled Donut Day, and National Cream-Filled Donut Day is September 14th! So mark those days on your calendar be prepared to celebrate your favorite donut!

In the meantime last Friday (June 2nd) Ashton, Hanna and Valorie volunteered for an impromptu photoshoot and to have a little fun celebrating National Donut Day, below are the images from that shoot!


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Best of 2017

I’ve shown a few “sneak peeks” over the past few weeks of my shoot with Kendall on Instagram, but now it’s official! Earlier this week I received notification that the “snow shoot” we did has been featured by Seniors Ignite in the Best of 2017!

We do get snow in Kentucky, but it’s often unpredictable (and we never know how long it will last). I didn’t want to take the chance of not getting a snow shoot done before the next freeze/thaw cycle. It just so happened that Kendall was available at the spur of the moment, and in less than an hour we got some great winter shots. You never how how long snow is going to last here! Just last week the temperatures were in the 60’s and today we had some little flurries. Needless to say, during the shoot is was cold, so afterwards we ordered hot chocolate and had a blast going over the images!

I really can’t begin to say how happy I am with the work we did together. Kendall was great and there were so many good images! Looking forward to the next time we get together!

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It never get’s old having your work featured. I’ve been blessed to have worked with some amazing people that helped make it happen!



December 3 – Lights

When the announcement was made that the December Challenge shoot was going to be  “3-Lights” I had no idea what I would do, or if I’d even do the challenge. It wasn’t until later in December when I was working with Sierrah on her Miss Kentucky head shots did I have a clue.

During Sierrah’s session we talked about many things, one of them being dresses. When she showed me images of her dresses the “blue” one stood out. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do! I didn’t tell Sierrah the finer details other than I wanted to shoot her in that dress for the challenge. You see, January 2018 was a “Blue Moon” Month. Specifically January 2018 was to be a “Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse” and the winners for the December Challenge were to be announced in January! Perfect!

All I can say is that Sierrah was the perfect choice for this “challenge shoot” and quite frankly I think she nailed it perfectly!






Lens Flare – Challenge Shoot!

Jim Tincher Photography Senior Model Team is Featured on the Seniors Ignite Website again this month!

It’s true! It never gets old when you received the notice your shoot has been featured! I have an amazing Senior Model Team both collectively and as individuals and group shoots never fail to entertain…..

For August the Senior’s Ignite Challenge was “Lens Flare”….. This was not the shoot I had originally intended but just like the tribal shoot the original version of my planned lens flare shoot had to be rescheduled because of weather. Still wanting to do another group shoot I came up with this idea and afterwards took a chance and submitted it knowing in my mind it wasn’t technically “lens flare”. Surprisingly that worked, maybe because it was different enough. Anyway, we had a blast! But man was it ever hot that night!


Lens Flare

Let your little light shine and the whole world shines with you….



Project Beauty – Megan

In her own words

True Beauty-True Beauty originates from within. It is not being afraid to be yourself and love who you truly are.


How did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

Not wearing make up made me feel more vulnerable and open. I felt like all my flaws were being revealed, while at the same time I was feeling a sense of relief. It was a relief that I was enough exactly how I am. My flaws are what make me, me!


image_Megan_jim tincher photography_project beauty_pictureThinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

My session had a deeper meaning to me because I was doing something I love, while being allowed to completely be myself with no pressure or expectations from anyone.


What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

Project beauty is a great initiative to bring awareness to the many difficult struggles young woman and girls face today. I think it is a great outlet to allow girls to support and empower one another.


Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

After seeing my photos from the shoot, they made me feel more comfortable in my natural skin and made me recognize that my flaws are what truly makes me a beautiful person inside and out.


Testimonial. Could you share your testimony?

After struggling with an eating disorder for over 3 years, I am recovered and free from the constant imprisonment of restriction, body shaming, and loneliness. When I first started modeling sophomore year of high school, I became more conscious of how I looked and started focusing on my diet and exercise. I started doing both of those in a healthy way and got to a healthy weight. It was not until the death of my grandparents that lead me to the beginning of my eating disorder. I had never personally experienced death in my life, so losing two of the most important people in my life within 6 months of each other was completely devastating to me.

Suddenly I felt completely out of control of my life and what had happened to me at that time. The one thing in my life that I felt like I was able to control was food, specifically what I would or would not eat. My eating disorder became my coping mechanism and numbed all the pain I was experiencing at the time. A simple thing I thought I had control over soon took complete control over me. My eating disorder robbed me of everything I loved; my family, my friends, my hobbies, my joy and was only leading to robbing me of my life as well.

Once I became aware and accepted that my habits and behaviors were a problem, I started going to an outpatient treatment center. My recovery was one of the most challenging things I have ever gone through in my life. There were many ups and downs throughout my recovery but with many therapy sessions, support from family and friends, and God’s endless love I was able to overcome my eating disorder. Through God’s unwavering gratefulness I have been able to turn something so terrible into something truly beautiful making me the woman I am today.


Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are! Follow the link to find out more about Project Beauty and how you can take part in this!



Project Beauty – Miranda

In her own words

True Beauty-Beauty is confidence in yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin and who God created you to be. It’s more than what the eye can see. Beauty is your heart and the way you treat others around you. Your outward appearance is only a plus. With a good heart you are just as pretty as the next.

image_Miranda_jim tincher photography_project beauty_pictureHow did not wearing any makeup make you feel?

It felt liberating!


Thinking about it, what did your session mean to you?

An encouragement for others in my community to have self confidence no matter what thy are going through.


What are your thoughts or how do you feel about Project Beauty?

This is a great way for girls to naturally express themselves while encouraging others to fight against perfection.


Has this experience changed how you see yourself?

No, however; it helps me to be reminded that our world of social media puts great pressure for perfection.


Testimonial. Could you share your testimony?

I’ve always been a believer of providing encouragement to others. In the past, this has been done through having a strong a faith, in my relationship with God, family, and friends. Being a senior model has just provided an additional avenue to express myself while encouraging others to do the same.

Project Beauty is a no makeup no edit project designed to help girls see themselves as being beautiful just the way they are! Follow the link to find out more about Project Beauty and how you can take part in this!